About the State and Regional Quality Councils

The State Quality Council works to improve the quality of services for people with disabilities across the state of Minnesota.  The Regional Quality Councils were developed from the State Quality Council.  The role of each Regional Quality Council is to examine and improve services for people with disabilities in their region.

The State Quality Council and the Regional Quality Councils are made of a diverse group of people.  Members include people with disabilities, family members, service providers, and lead agencies. The councils also have representatives from the Office of Ombudsman and the Department of Human Services.

The Regional Quality Councils work to meet the following State Quality Council quality domains::

Access: People have ready access to services and supports in their communities.

Person-Centered Service Planning and Delivery: Services and supports are planned, coordinated and carried out according to each person’s unique needs, preferences, and decisions concerning their life in the community.

Provider Capacity and Capabilities: There are enough service and support providers and they are able to serve people effectively.

Individual Safeguards: People receive support to exercise their rights and personal responsibilities.

Individual Outcomes and Satisfaction: People are satisfied with their supports and services and achieve desired outcomes.

System Performance: The system supports people efficiently and effectively and constantly strives to improve quality.

Navigating the world of disability services and learning about what’s out there can often seem overwhelming or impersonal, and sometimes individual needs and hopes get lost along the way. The Regional Quality Council aims to change that by helping to form connections between community members, sharing the needs and desires of people with disabilities in our communities, and connecting people with resources. Steps we have already taken include developing the Person Centered Quality Review, hosting trainings, holding monthly council meetings, and more.

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