Accessibility Walk

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, members of the Region 10 Quality Council participated in an accessibility walk in downtown Rochester hosted by Olmsted County Public Health Statewide Health Improvement Partnership.  24 participants walked 1.14 miles using wheelchairs and low vision simulation goggles to get a sense of navigating downtown Rochester when you have a disability.  Some of the lessons learned by those participating in the walk include:

·         “I knew it would be difficult, but I didn’t know it would be that difficult. There’s so many little things, but they’re so big for some people.”

·         “Awareness!!! There are so many obstacles to navigate, slopes, short time to cross intersections.”

·         “Awareness of how my friends in wheelchairs move through the world…their world, their view, their sense of safety and their extra effort or energy. How our sidewalks slope to the street.”

·         “The slope of the sidewalks and how difficult it makes it to use a wheelchair.”

The walk also raised the following questions from those who participated:

·         “How to strengthen and better our laws to make more immediate changes and not have to wait for upgrades or construction.”

·         “What would this be like in adverse conditions.”

·         “How do we accommodate all modes of transportation—car, pedestrian, bikes, and allow for accessibility?”

·         “What will it take to make improvements? How can we increase the crossing time for wide streets?”

KIMT 3 News also did a great piece of the walk: CLICK HERE

If you are interested in having Kjensmo Walker bring an Accessibility Walk to your business or neighborhood, please contact them at