Regional Quality Council FAQ

What is the Regional Quality Council?

The council is a group of people working together to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Who is the Regional Quality Council?

The council includes:

  • People with disabilities, their families, and advocates
  • People that work with people with disabilities, such as case managers, social workers and providers of day program, residential, and employment services
  • People from different cultures and backgrounds
  • People from the community that are interested in helping

What does the Regional Quality Council do?

  • The council will be interviewing people with disabilities to learn about their quality of life.
  • The council researches the quality of services for people with disabilities in our area.
  • The council uses information from research and interviews with people with disabilities to learn about what services and changes are needed to improve quality of life.
  • The council will work together to come up with ideas on how to improve or change services based on what we learn.
  • The council will look at what is working well for people with disabilities and teach others about best practices.

How will the Regional Council Work?

  • The council meets monthly to plan and talk about what we are doing and need to do next.
  • The council has smaller work groups to work on projects.
  • The council will provide training to people who are interested in doing interviews with people with disabilities.

Where do Regional Quality Councils operate across Minnesota?

The Arrowhead council covers Carlton, Cook, Lake, and St. Louis counties.

The Metro council covers Dakota, Hennepin, and Scott counties.

The Region 10 council covers Olmsted, Wabasha, and Houston counties.

How do I get involved with the Regional Quality Council or learn more about the council?

Please visit our Contact Us page to ask a specific question or request more information.