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Overall Purpose

The primary role of the Person Centered Quality Review Work Group is to oversee the process for conducting person centered quality reviews within the region.

Primary Tasks

  • Help with recruiting, hiring, and training Quality Reviewers to conduct Person Centered Quality Reviews
  • Figure out ways to let people with disabilities, families, service providers, county staff, and other stakeholders know the purpose of Person Centered Quality Reviews and what to expect when participating in a Person Centered Quality Review
  • Develop procedures for scheduling and tracking the completion of 42 Person Centered Quality Reviews per month
  • Figure out how information gathered from Person Centered Quality Reviews can be used on an individual level to improve quality of life
  • Give feedback over time to improve Person Centered Quality Review tools and processes


Michelle Hooey

Becky Jakubek

Jenny Kempfert

Meghan Wasley




Overall Purpose

The primary role of the Quality Improvement Work Group is to provide regional leadership in the implementation of best practices related to the development and improvement of person centered, inclusive services, communities, and systems.  

Primary Tasks

The Quality Improvement Work Group will oversee the following tasks:

Establish a mechanism to incorporate findings and trends from Person-Centered Quality Reviews into efforts to improve regional services

  • Establish a mechanism to gather and incorporate information on quality of regional services from existing data:
    • Maltreatment and behavioral incident reports
    • Lead agency waiver reviews
    • Gaps analysis study results
    • National Core Indicators Survey results
    • Olmstead Quality of Life Survey results
  • Identify resources and best practices that promote higher quality of life for individuals with disabilities
  • Establish regional priorities for quality improvement and develop mechanisms to foster collaboration, address training needs for all stakeholder,s and respond to barriers, issues, and service gaps
  • Bring ideas for system-level changes to the appropriate governing body


Amy Patenaude

Josh Howie