Become a Volunteer

Regional Quality Council Description

In July 2016, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS), with advice from the State Quality Council, issued grant to form 3 regional quality councils. The 3 councils include the Metro Regional Quality Council (counties of Hennepin, Scott and Dakota), the Arrowhead Regional Quality Council (counties of St. Louis, Carlton, Lake and Cook), and the Region 10 Quality Council (counties of Olmsted, Wabasha and Houston).

The Regional Quality Councils will:

Work collaboratively with regional stakeholders and partners to monitor and improve the quality of services,  person-centered outcomes and overall quality of life for people with disabilities.

Essential Functions:

  • Complete volunteer training and demonstrate competency in the role assigned to you.
  • Travel to locations and/or communities in our region as needed.
  • Accurately gather and record data collected from focus groups, informational interviews, and community conversations, and follow data privacy guidelines
  • Other duties as requested


  • Stipends available (for qualified volunteers)
  • Invited to training opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Will gain a better understanding of the issues facing the disability community and will learn advocacy methods
  • Demonstrate professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communication to multiple audiences
  • Develop effective relationships with individuals with disabilities, their families, colleagues, and supervisor


  • Strong interpersonal and problem solving skills necessary
  • Ability to successfully work both as a team member and independently
  • Reliable, flexible, detail oriented, and open to feedback
  • Basic computing skills
  • Multiple language capabilities preferred, but not required
  • Knowledge of Person-Centered Thinking/Planning preferred, but not required
  • Work, life, or educational experience with disabilities

Time Commitment:

Initial RQC orientation/training required, with on-going training as needed for assigned volunteer tasks.