Interview Process

What will the reviews be like?

Reviews are conversational in style. There are two reviews: a brief (Short Form) review and a longer Person Centered Quality Review, also known as the Desired Life Outcomes Assessment Tool (DLAST). The Brief Review consists of 10 questions that represent a person’s quality of life and provides the Regional Quality Councils and State Quality Council enough trend data to aggregate into actionable information. The Person Centered Quality Review is an extensive review process that involves probing with critical questions that are based on the quality of life indicators developed by the State Quality Council and are consistent with the definition of person-centered thinking and planning.

What will be covered in the reviews?

  • The areas covered in the reviews are:
    • Housing situation
    • Daily Routine
    • Community Involvement
    • Relationships
    • Support Staff
    • Safety
    • Planning
    • Employment
    • Hopes, dreams, and goals
    • Services and Supports
  • Your answers are used to rate how much choice and control you have in different areas of your life and how much choice and control you would like to have in each of these areas.
  • Examples of questions you may be asked include:
    • What do you do with your free time?
    • Can you make changes in who you live with?
    • Do staff pay attention when you want to say something to them?

Who will conduct the reviews?

Volunteers and RQC members will conduct the reviews. They will first go through training in order to ensure sensitivity and knowledge of the review.

How will the participants be selected?

The Department of Human Services has records of people in Minnesota who receive Home and Community Based Services. Participants will be randomly selected from those records and can choose whether or not to participate.

How will the council use this information? 

The information gathered from your interview will show what is working and what is not working with your services. We will put the information collected from your interview with all of the other interviews. With that data, we will determine gaps in services and find the best practices in the region. We will use this information to make recommendations to the State Quality Council and the Department of Human Services.

We will keep everything private and protect your privacy– unless you are in danger. We will not tell anyone in the agency, your providers, or family anything you tell us in private. You will receive a written summary of your quality review that you can choose to share with others in your life.