Meet Susannah Gressman



Arrowhead Regional Quality Council Program Coordinator
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Phone: 218-726-4726   Cell: 218-355-8264   

Fast Facts about Susannah:

What people appreciate about me:

  • People tell me I am easy to talk to and a great listener
  • My mind is open to other ideas and perspectives
  • Problem solving and thinking outside the box
  • I can make meaningful connections with people
  • I can be counted on to get things accomplished

What is most important to me:

  • Spending time together with friends and family
  • Finding new adventures near and far
  • Engaging with others and learning from them
  • Being a part of an organization that empowers others
  • Making goals and a plan to reach my goals
  • Music and spending time outdoors

How to best support me:

  • Acknowledge my efforts
  • Give me thoughtful and honest feedback
  • Provide opportunities for me to work independently
  • Share learning and educational opportunities