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What is a Person Centered Quality Review?

Person Centered Quality Reviews

The Regional Quality Councils are doing person centered quality reviews with people with disabilities to find out about the quality of services and supports they are receiving.

  • Reviews are conversational in style.
  • The areas covered in the reviews are:
    • Housing
    • Daily Routine
    • Employment
    • Community
    • Relationships
    • Transportation
    • Support Staff
    • Safety
    • Case Management
    • Services and Supports
  • Your answers are used to rate how much choice and control you have in different areas of your life and how much choice and control you would like to have in each of these areas.
  • Examples of question you may be asked include:
    • What do you do with your free time?
    • Can you make changes in who you live with?
    • Do staff pay attention when you want to say something to them?

How is the information that we learn from you used?

The information collected from your review will be used to determine what is working and what is not in regards to services.

We will use this information to make recommendations to the State Quality Council and the Department of Human Services.

We will keep everything private and protect your privacy– Unless you are in danger. We will not tell anyone in the agency, your providers, or family anything you tell us in private. You will receive a written summary of your quality review that you can choose to share with others in your life.