SQC Work Groups

The State Quality Council has active work groups where much of the council’s work is accomplished. The work groups are described below:

Steering Committee:  Membership includes SQC Co-Chairs, DHS Representative, and Work Group Representatives. The committee is responsible for planning SQC Membership Meetings, coordinating work and task groups, ensuring SQC membership, and supporting SQC Director in new recommendations or activities.

Regional Support and Development: The mission of this work group is to support and aid in the coordination of the work of the RQCs.

Quality Monitoring: The mission of this work group is to review existing data to quantify the quality of services in Minnesota, provide baseline and trend information, identify red flags and gaps in services and data, and to measure improvement.

Public Relations: The mission of this work group is to develop and implement public relations communication plans to inform and broaden state-wide support of SQC priorities, outcomes, and scope of work.

Mr Roger’s Risk Group: The mission of this work group is to expand on the prior State Quality Council work in the area of services assuring safety versus a person’s ability to take personal risks.  In addition how to broaden support to develop and sustain inclusive communities for all.