State Quality Council Members

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Aaron Wittnebel – Disability Service Recipient

Alex Bartolic – Department of Human Services – DSD

Alicia Munson – Disability Advocacy Groups

Barb Turner – Disability Service Providers

Brian Boyce – Family Member

Dena Alexander – Family Member

Dienna Sabol – Region 10 Quality Council

Jason Flint – Department of Human Services- DSD

Jayne Whiteford – Disability Service Providers

Jill Slaikeu – Department of Human Services – Licensing

John Smith – Disability Service Recipient

Joyce Hagen – Disability Service Providers

Kristina Koukkari – Disability Service Providers

Laura Elseth – Family Member

Laurie Berner – Arrowhead Quality Council

Lisa Harrison-Hadler – Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.

Michele Kyler – Disability Service Recipient

Paul Bukvoich – Human Services Lead Agencies

Patrick Meacham – Human Services Lead Agencies

Phyllis Reller – Human Services Lead Agencies

Rijuta Pathre – Family Member

Rita Wiersma – Disability Service Providers

Sara Schligemilch – Disability Advocacy Groups

Sue Schettle – Disability Service Providers

Tim Sullivan – Metro Quality Council